Welcome to the Kingston Flying Club!
1040 Len Birchall Way, Kingston, Ontario. K7M 4M1
Ph: (613) 389-0954

The Kingston Flying Club received its initial charter in 1929 becoming one of the founding and longest standing members of the Royal Canadian Flying Club Association. The Club is certified as a Career College by the Ministry Training Colleges and Universities and is able to conduct training for Commercial Pilot License, Instructor Rating as well as Recreational Pilot Permit, Private License, Night and Instrument ratings.

The Club has approximately 125 members who annually elect a Board of Directors to oversee the Club's affairs while the day-to-day operations of the Club are managed by both volunteers and paid line crew. 


From its inception, the major objective of the Kingston Flying Club has been the advancement of aviation through flight training. Having trained WW II pilots through to current CF-18 pilots, the Club has distinguished itself as South-eastern Ontario's premier commercial flight training centre for over 70 years.

As a "not for profit" corporation, all revenues are invested back into the Club. The Club presently operates two Cessna 172 single engine, 150 horsepower, 4-seat aircraft. This fleet represents the industries most preferred aircraft for aviation training due to their proven reliability, safe handling characteristics and excellent safety record. Aircraft are fully IFR equipped, including one with a fully IFR certified Garmin GNS 430W fully integrated GPS nav/comm with WAAS augmentation.

The Kingston Airport and surrounding district provide an ideal facility for pilot training. The low traffic volume and the proximity of good training areas make for little wasted time during the training process. Also four runways and four approaches provide a diverse and dynamic training environment from ab initio to advanced commercial training.