Checkout Procedure:

Club aircraft are available for rental to licensed members who meet the Club's requirements for renting. Prior to renting for the first time, a pilot must undergo a proficiency check to prove his/her abilities in handling the aircraft safely and competently. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the CFI.

Membership and Currency:

Club members and rental pilots are required to comply with both the Canadian Air Regulations and as well as the KFC currency minimums.

Our club asks each member for a minimum one flight every 60 days. Night


currency minimums are one flight every 60 days as well. These minimums are to ensure the competency and safety of members.

Booking Aircraft:

Each new Club member is assigned a user name and password for access to the Kingston Flying Club’s website and online booking system. Students and rental pilot’s alike can book flights from home at their leisure 24-hours a day 7-days a week. Aircraft availability is seldom an issue. Should you feel a sudden urge to go flying same-day bookings can more often than not be made, otherwise, booking only a day or so in advance is more than sufficient. However, if you're canceling a previously booked flight please give us 24-hour notice. And for those who prefer to plan ahead, aircraft bookings can be made upwards of a few months in advance.  It should finally be noted that all bookings are made on a first-come first-served basis; however, staff will still try to accommodate any requests as best they can.

Extended Aircraft Rental Policy:

Aircraft Availability

  • We can only authorize one extended rental at a time.

  • As flight training per the Club Bylaws has priority, approval of all extended aircraft rentals is based on the Chief Flight Instructor’s (CFI’s) discretion.

  • A minimum daily rental time of 4 hours is required, enforced at the CFI’s discretion.


  • All expenses incurred during the flight such as landing and hangar fees are the sole responsibility of the renting pilot.

  • The exception to the above is the purchase of fuel, which the Club will reimburse the pilot as this is included in the hourly rental rate of the aircraft. However, fuel receipts must be provided by the pilot for reimbursement. Fuel purchased away must show quantity for reimbursement. Aircraft fuel purchased away from base will be reimbursed at the KFC wholesale rate.

  • In the event that poor weather forces a pilot to leave an aircraft at an airport while they return to Kingston by other means, then the rental pilot is responsible for the return of the aircraft or for the cost of having the Club return the aircraft.

Flight Planning

  • An itinerary shall be presented to the CFI prior to the release of the aircraft for review and approval as per the Club Bylaws. A copy shall be retained at the Club.

Note: Rental prices include fuel, oil and insurance. Price does not include taxes.
Stop in at the Club to receive documents to help prepare you for the check-out.